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So, what's everyone's take on this. I think it's pretty serious. Scares me a bit. Mainly cause I have breathing problems and work at a full serve gas bar. I was almost ready to quit my job yesterday. What are your thoughts.
I'm not sure what your weather has been like but ours has been very mild and rainy. I have only had to shovel the lane I think twice now. Most days you don't even need a coat. What's up with all your weathers. :ja
Geoff is having a few problems with his net, he says he will hopefully be back soon, and said to say sorry.
Samsung has announced a new version of The Wall, its massive modular MicroLED TV. The new version, dubbed The Wall Luxury, has a maximum resolution of 8K, creating a TV that measures 292 inches from corner to corner.
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Server was down for about 30 minutes or so. Nothin major. We are back up and runnin good. :yes
Seems the radar page is not working anymore. I will be looking into this now to see what is going on.
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