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to the site. We hope you have a great stay here in our little corner of the web. Feel free to make yourself at home. We will try to make this experience here for you a good one. So pull up a chair and get comfortable.


is a big part of this site. We want everyone to feel like they belong and are a part of things. Introduce yourself after you join so we can all get to know you and what your about. Then we can get started with the discussions.


is the main focus of this site. We are going to be talking about everything we can. It is important to us that everybody's voice gets heard, the right way. We strive to keep conflict down and good discussion up. Join in and see for yourself.

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Has the day of the online forum passed. Did social media play a huge role in this. The answer to these two questions is very simple from my point of view. No, the forum days are not over yet. Social media had a big hand in how forums are looked at today.

When I got into making websites, a long time ago. At least 10-12 years ago or more. Most sites were static. Just a page with info on it and no way to interact. That, over time, changed a great deal. Forum sites became very popular. They were dynamic and interactive.

You could build a website for more people to interact with. They could chat and discuss relevant issues pertaining to the content of the forum. New friendships were formed and communities were born. This was the start of the forum site as we know it. Lets start from the beginning.

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This site will be getting an update very soon. Probably this weekend. Just wanted to do a shout out so people knew. :D
... This as posted elsewhere by Skhilled:

Quote from: Skhilled on Apr 18, 2019, 09:22 amThere's a lot more to Google's tracking than you realize!!! They are using a hidden service on your phones to track you and give the informa

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So...health Canada says it's gonna put a cap on the amount of arsenic they put in food now, including baby food.....Ya know, somethin is wrong when the government comes out and says "Let's not put so much of this in here". It's arsenic man, lol. That shit should not be in fo...

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Yeah, this is what Ontario needs...less teachers. Seriously. Kids these days are being pushed through school. No failing or passing anymore just push them through and let society deal with it. Now ya wanna take more teachers away and increase class size. What are people...

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WuB is now running 2.1 RC2 and the latest Tiny Portal. I will get to the custom edits later today as I have a few things to do. The mods should be installed soon. If you find any bugs, please post about them. :yb
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