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70 bucks a barrel

Started by Bigguy, May 07, 2018, 08:58 PM

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First time it's been that high since '03 I think is what the article say. Then why the fuck has it been so high. This is just an excuse to cover up the fact that people are lining their pockets with our money. I'm buyin a bicycle....



The gas companies will keep raising the price of fuel.
They want to ensure their families + companies are wealthy and in power forever.

When electric vehicles are the main stream, petrol vehicles will only be for the wealthy.
Plus electric vehicles will also cost quite a bit to quick-charge.
Make no mistake, they may be more environmentally friendly but will not be any cheaper to buy, run & maintain.

Driving any vehicle will be a luxury.

You can always convert a diesel vehicle to run on used vegetable oil.
Burn veggie oil in diesel car


I did hear about that. Supposedly it's not to hard to do either.