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Started by Bigguy, Oct 10, 2018, 10:28 PM

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So here is a question. Has anyone heard of the double slit experiment...I just started to read about this. Yeah, I don't get it iether, lol. I found it interesting.

QuoteThe double-slit experiment seems simple enough: cut two slits in a sheet of metal and send light through them, first as a constant wave, then in individual particles. What happens, though, is anything but simple. In fact, it's what started science down the bizarre road of quantum mechanics.

A bit from farther down in the article:

Quoteeven though only one of the possible paths actually happens." All realities exist at once (a concept known as superposition) until the final result occurs.



I've seen it on a science documentary series years ago although I can't remember which one.
I didn't read the article but if I remember correctly it proves some quantum theory about particles behaving differently when observed. 
I'm going to dig up the name of the program I watched & post back here.


Fabric of the Cosmos


Probability waves. All is possible but to the same end.


Hmm.. that was one that I watched about the slits but it is not about the behavior being different when observed compared to when not observed. There is a popular documentary likely from Nova that had that on it but that doesn't appear to be the one I was thinking of.
Although that video clip basically explains the same thing as the article you linked.

There are a couple of Nova mini series that Brian Greene hosts that are very good.
If you like that sort of thing I suggest you check them out.


I have been gettin into it lately for some reason. Was readin up on Shrodingers cat as well. That experiment was just to prove someone else wrong though so not as interesting as this one, lol.


Wow! I haven't seen Nova in years! I thought they got rid of it. I do watch the Science Channel and History now and of the few things I watch on TV anymore except for comedy.


Quote from: Bigguy on Oct 11, 2018, 10:28 PMProbability waves. All is possible but to the same end.
This should actually read:

Probability waves. All is possible and happens at once but to the same end.