Started by Bigguy, Oct 02, 2019, 07:23 PM

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So for the last few days I have been busy trying to play a game. As I found out my computer is to small to play it. The video card is to small. So on my hunt for a new video card, which I did not find. I actually upgraded the ram from 5gb to 8gb and added a third monitor. So now, very basically. I am running:

Windows 10 pro
Intel quad core 2.4 ghz
8gb of DDR2 ram (I know it's old but better than what I had)
3tb hard drive
512 md ATI Radeon 4350 HD
Card reader
2x Burners
Realtek sound
2x Ext backup drives
2 acer monitors (One 17", One 18")
1x Dell monitor (not sure, pretty square lookin, lol)

So I didn't get the game runnin but I did upgrade a bit, which I am happy about. :yes :hd


wow that is a bit old mate, but as long has it works its good ;)


Yeah I know but it's never let me down. And, I actually did get a game running on it fairly decently, so that's a plus. :hb