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Started by Bigguy, Sep 07, 2018, 03:38 PM

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Anyone use crap cleaner. ???  When I do it tells me Edge is open and if it should close it. I don't use edge so it should be closed. Any thoughts at all.


I've used it about a month ago and didn't get that message. I rarely ever us Edge unless I'm testing to look of a site, mod, theme, etc.


Imo do not use CCleaner anymore.
It was bought by Avast and their devs made it run intrusive and users have privacy concerns after analyzing what it now does in the background. Also when you install it they try to trick you into auto installing Avast AV.

Look on their forum for all the complaints:
Piriform Fourm

There are several other free options that behave like the "old" CCleaner before Avast bought out Piriform.

Imo try KCleaner.


I didn't know avast bought them. I guess I will uninstall it. Been using it for years now though. I do have Glary utilities installed so maybe it'll do the job of ccleaner.


Thanks for the tip, Chen! I didn't know that either!


Uninstalled here. Glary Utilities can do what I need for now. :)


LOL, I'm installing the same as we speak. I've heard of it before and may have tried it years ago but not sure. i'll see how it goes...


As far as I understand it is all open source. I like that. and it runs good.


Me had CCrap too, removed and getting glary mary ;)