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Started by Bigguy, Mar 18, 2020, 06:48 AM

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Quote from: chen_zhen on Apr 10, 2020, 03:36 PMSomeone's feeling nasty because they're being told not to do their usual & stay inside.

No I'm not nasty, I am aloud to walk in the park or the trail, just have to keep 6 feet away from others, rest of the day and night I'm inside looking out..

When I am out I do not bother with or talk to anyone.

Chen when you get to my age 82 you get use to staying inside..But all my life I have been a rebel.


How are people doin now. Has the pandemic changed for you. :ja


All good here but guy I know in the UK and his wife got Covid - he's recovering, she still has it and worse theyy found a brain tumour too and will have to operate. He's 74 shes a few years younger I think.
pretty screwed up.
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It's a good thing they found the tumor though. Maybe they can do something about it before it gets worse.


My friend of 30 years died of covid in June , he was 51yr always fit, running, cycling, playing soccer, and no underlying issues at all.  :dk  :shocked1:


@Lesmond You are the first person I have heard say they knew someone who died of covid. I'm sorry to hear this.