Started by Bigguy, Feb 19, 2018, 05:28 PM

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I had to go to my daughters high school a while back to talk to the principle. This didn't make me happy to begin with. When I got there we started talking about passing and failing. She says to me:

"We don't do that anymore"

I says:

"What don't ya do"

She says:

"Pass or fail our students"

Well you can imagine how pissed I was at this point. They don't pass or fail students anymore cause they found out it hurts their moral....Holy shit man. What the hell is that. How in the hell do you know if they are learning what you teach them. You just push them through school and graduate them when maybe they shouldn't graduate at all.

In my day at school, we used to study. If we didn't know something we failed and we went back and kept trying until we got it. That helped give us our drive or ambition. They are not teaching our kids right at all. It's terrible, Then they sit and want more money or they'll strike, lmao....go ahead and strike, your not doin nothin to begin with, lmao.