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Started by Bigguy, Mar 18, 2020, 06:48 AM

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So, what's everyone's take on this. I think it's pretty serious. Scares me a bit. Mainly cause I have breathing problems and work at a full serve gas bar. I was almost ready to quit my job yesterday. What are your thoughts.


I have been on vacation for the past week and go back to work on Monday. Being the operations manager for the Salvation Army and working mainly out of our homeless shelters, it's scary having to go back.


I have given my notice at work for the end of the month. I can't listen to these people bitch about this anymore and tell me it's all a hoax. I might not even come close to getting it but why take the chance. Plus I have my own business to run, which will be starting soon. Most things are closed around here. So hopefully it won't be a real busy day....I hope.


Not a real busy day, lmfao. This just proves to me no one is taking this serious. We were real busy. Every old person in town must have been out. They all wanted to be topped up. Now, I ask ya. If ya have a full tank of gas and you go to the store for bread, which takes about 2% of your gas. Do you really need to top up. I mean your not going anywhere. Your supposed to be at home. Why do you need a full tank of gas. This isn't a forest fire you are gonna try to outrun. STAY AT HOME if ya don't have to go out.


it's something will old people, they do that here in Florida as well.


Well, it gets me angry to see these people not caring. I want this thing over as soon as possible, not 3 years from now.


I take this very serious, one my age is a factor, I am 82. I stay at home, but I do go out to the park in the mornings for a walk, no one else is at the park, and if there is, they are off in the yonder.

We have to go to the drugstore for medications and to the Doctors this week two appointments, then np more after that..

What really pisses me off are the people that hoard food products and other household items like paper products.. Covid-19 doesn't give you the shit's, so why the hoarding of toilet paper, pure greed..

Another one is the younger generation, they just don't give a dam for others. The age group so far being effected are from 18 to 49 and this is the same group who couldn't care less, they are social gathering in groups on the sports fields, and the beaches.

We have family from as far away as Texas, calling us and telling us what to do. I say f-k you, your not here to look out for us, we look out for each other, we have no family in our area..

Oh I have two sisters, who I have not seen or talked to in over 30 years. Yep I like others have grand kids, but being through a nasty divorce and made out the bad guy, they too don't bother or communicate with me..Find with me, they have to live with it as well as I have to live with the same crap..

I have had a good life, so if I get the virus and don't make it, that is also OK..I read some where that 80% of the people that do get the virus will survive..


Quote from: Ronald on Mar 22, 2020, 01:42 PMif I get the virus and don't make it
Yur not gettin the virus, only the good die young, lmao. Just jokin Ron, you know that. ;)


My town is startin to look a bit scary. It's pretty much empty. Which is good but it always looks like a Sunday. Makes me think I am skippin church or somethin, lol. How's everyone doin....ok. :ja


A few pictures of out city center last friday night, its normally crowded with people going to the bars and pubs :(


It's not quite as bare here on our streets. I wish it was though. I want this virus gone and people to be safe.


I finally have an excuse to stay at home on Sundays


Our small town is dead, only thing open is the small drug store and the party store.

They closed the Catholic Church, now I get a break form the bells going off every hour.

Went to the Park yesterday for a walk with the dog, posted all over the place closed. I do not want to chance walking with the dog, after reading all the people being charged going into the parks..

Took to the trail this afternoon, just me and the dog, so I thought, loaded with walkers, good thing they were all females and no coats only sweaters with big tight pants..My excitement for the day.


Quote from: Ronald on Apr 08, 2020, 03:28 PMMy excitement for the day.

Ha Ha I bet it was ;)


Someone's feeling nasty because they're being told not to do their usual & stay inside.