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Restore A Database With SSH Using PuTTY

Started by Ronald, Oct 15, 2018, 09:22 AM

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Why Would I Need To Restore My Database?

There are many instances where you would need to fully restore your website database. Two main instances are website crashes and hackers. Website hackers may involve other steps outside of utilizing SSH, but for the purpose of this article we will deal with the SSH backup only. On some web servers you will need to enable SSH. In order to do so you should contact your web host for more information.


Anyone every use or do this, with this product..



Quote from: Bigguy on Oct 15, 2018, 09:34 AMNot me. Never had to.

You heard of it now. Can you read about it and see if it's any good.



If you don't have a VPS or dedicated server then your hosting probably will not allow you to have SSH because it could be a security hazard.

If you do not have a VPS or dedi server then your only recourse is to use the back tools in cPanel OR use phpmyadmin to export backups.

To be proactive, i.e., make sure you have a backup daily, etc. you'll need to ask your hosting if they have automated tools to do this. Or, you can create cron job within cPanel to do it OR just make manual backups daily. Here's a video showing how to do it via cron jobs:

Or use a script to do it:



Thanks Steve, I  never you'd show sooner or later..I was in the cpanel this morning looking at Cron Jobs and trying to figure it out,, I'll read your article on it..

No I still use shared hosting..


I shoulda asked what type of hosting you were on, sorry. :)


Yes, for shared hosting, you'll need to use a script or create a cron job. Please, keep in mind that creating crons are not easy unless you know linux commands or use a tool that will help do it for you. It's probably easier to use a script. You need to add your info to the script such as username dbname and pass, etc.

I just found this which should make things easier for you:



Wasn't there a script called Big Dump or something awhile ago.


Yes, it still works but does not do automated ones. You have to do it yourself. Actually, I checked their site before making my last post cause I have a topic about it on my site and used to use it myself. It's great for importing large db's, especially if you have timeout issues or the db's are so large you have importing/exporting issues:



Yeah, that's the one. Good to see it's still around. :)