With all the people on the road today it gets tougher and tougher to drive. Drunk driving, drug driving, distracted driving and older people driving. Man it gets tough. If you don't run into one of these people on the road at some point your a lucky person. Young people are not so much into drunk driving as they are distracted driving and drug driving. Older people are into drunk driving or are just to old to be on the road.

Take that last sentence with a grain of salt please as I mean no ill will toward older people. It's just that they are slow most of the time, which can create accidents as well. Pulling out in front of people is the biggest thing around here when it comes to the older driver. It gets very frustrating. It's like they have no ability to see how fast someone is driving and pull out when they can, thinking to themselves "they'll slow down". Some times they don't.

The amount of older people in this area that get charged for drinking and driving is unreal. You would think that being older they would not take the chance on this but they do. It's a bad combination. Almost as bad as younger people and cell phones. I mean if you have to check FB while driving than there is a serious problem. They say distracted driving these days kills more people than drunk driving, which I believe for sure.

I myself, will not drink/drug drive or play on a cell phone while driving. It's not fair to the other people on the road. I certainly do not want to injure or kill anyone cause I had to answer the phone for some stupid reason. It's terrible out there. What's worse is the fact that most of the people doing this "bad" driving think they are good at it. This is the worst part as in the end, after the accident they wonder what happened.

This shit has to stop at some point some how. Not sure how and I don't want to put blame on anyone especially the police but I feel there should be more deterrents out there for people like this. In a nut shell...if you feel you must do any of these activities behind the wheel, your not really driving are you. You are taking innocent lives into your own hands for no reason at all. Your being selfish and should probably be put in jail for a time to think about what you could have done differently before you do actually kill some one.

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