Survive cancer, win lottery

Started by Bigguy, Sep 19, 2019, 07:08 AM

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Quote from: Bigguy on Jan 31, 2022, 05:23 PMI'm really glad everything went good for you. It's good to hear they are gonna reconstruct your ear. I bet that's a bit of a relief.

Hell no! I must have had 20 shots, needles galore all over the place to freeze the ear, then she started to cut the skin she need from behind the ear, I yelled, she said do you feel that, hell yea, well I'll have to give you more picks. Then she says your ear is like a pin cushion.

There are still parts of my ear missing, I go back for what she calls tweaking the ear, yea more picks and more cuts, they need to cut the skin from behind my ear for the new skin to reform the ear.

They take the skin from behind the ear due to it heals a lot quicker, in that location.

I go see the Doctor tomorrow morning, will find out more about the next procedure. Can't be as bad as the first one.


I hope all goes good for you. Sounds a bit painful.


Quote from: Bigguy on Feb 01, 2022, 07:32 AMI hope all goes good for you. Sounds a bit painful.

It is painful, seen the Doctor this morning, she cleaned and dressed the wound, has a little infection, Got some antibiotics for the infection. If it doesn't snow to much Thursday I'll see the nurse at the wound clinic for another dressing.


Thursday should be good in parts of Ontario but it's still gonna be messy. Big storm supposedly comin through. :dk


It came, snow good for two days and two night. Dam I knew I should have bought the snow blower. Well I thank Paul my next door neighbour, took care of all the shoveling and even brought dinner over.

Essex County is one huge mess. We got well over 15 cm. some say as much as 32 cm. 12.5 inches.


We mighta got 6 inches...maybe. Just cold here now. Supposed to warm up next few days.


Pretty well all cleaned up now, roads are in good shape..