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Australian Election

Started by landyvlad, May 14, 2019, 08:41 PM

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Coming this Saturday so being subjected to campaign overdrive.  The two main idiots up for election as Prime Minister on TV everywhere, another Billionaire trying to buy his way into Parliament (if he succeeds he'll not be in a position of real power anyway so a waste of money) and the usual nutjobs who pop out of the woodwork only at election time.

Letterbox is stuffed full of 'vote for us' brochures each day because apparently political stuff is not included in "junk mail". Getting random phone calls with recorded messages as to why we should vote for candidate x, and why voting for the other lot will cause the world to collapse, and so on.

We have a system here where people can pre-poll vote or postal vote in the week before the election, if they cannot make it to a polling station on election day. So far 4 million pre-poll votes have been made and 1.2 million postal votes have been sent out so a SIGNIFICANT proportion of the voting public are voting early. 
The electoral commission is concerned about this because on election might its easy to open a box and tip all the votes out, but opening millions of envelopes, and sorting out pre-poll votes into their electorates is a lot slower.  This may lead to a delay whereby a result isn't clear on the night and we may have to wait for days to get a result.

By comparison last year 3.2 million votes were received before the election.  At this rate between pre-poll (still open) and postal votes the figure could creep north of 6 million!   

To put this in perspective - the number of people enrolled to vote is 16,424,248  (98% of people eligible to vote).
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Sounds like a major election. Hope ya get someone good. Not like Trump or Trudeau, lol.


The options were both terrible but I think we got the 'marginally least bad' of them.
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That's pretty much all you can hope for.