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Started by Bigguy, Jun 21, 2019, 06:37 AM

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so, is he getting impeached. It certainly looks that way. I heard something about this the other day. I figured I would post and see what you guys think.


Now it looks as if they are widening their investigation into Trump. I think this is going to end with impeachment:



They are tryin pretty hard now to get it done.


They are trying to say now that it will take til xmas to impeach the Prez. Asking another country to investigate people over here is just wrong man. Why does he not know that.


Nice Xmas prezzie for the prez



The evening news is reporting that during a meeting with Nancy and the Dems today he had a major meltdown. I guess it sucks being him just now... but the bad part is that it sucks being us as long as he is in there. I hope he doesn't get us into WW III!
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I did not hear about the meltdown, thats pretty cool. Was there any other details regarding this? I'm not a fan of Trump btw but then again he is not my president so I guess my opinion doesn't count a whole lot where he is concerned. Hard not to have one though as it's impossible to consume any world news without hearing about him.
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A lot more news on it but really, in the end he is gonna be impeached.


Well, well, well...lol. Looks like the Prez is fucked. :)