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is the main focus of this site. We are going to be talking about everything we can. It is important to us that everybody's voice gets heard, the right way. We strive to keep conflict down and good discussion up. Join in and see for yourself.

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He was a great comedian. He will be missed. R.I.P.

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This is so sad. We have lost a lot of good entertainers as of late. R.I.P. Meatloaf:


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...a bit cold. Not to bad. I say we missed the first month of winter where I am. So; so far it's been a very pleasant winter. Only had the snow blower out once this year. That last storm missed us, which sort of sucked. I wouldn't mind one good snow fall this year. I know there is still about 2 months til spring so we might get one yet but I doubt it. How's everyone else's winter goin. :jaRead More


This is just a short message to tell you that we are back and breathing a bit of life back into the site. I know it's been awhile and during these times a lot has changed. That doesn't mean we have to. Drop on by for a chat. It's still the same ole site with a bit of a new look on an updated SMF 2.1 RC4 platform....Well, pretty much the same as it was, lol, but better. Hope to seeya there. Read More


I have just updated the site to the most recent copy of SMF and Tiny Portal. I will be going over settings and what not in the next few days and opening registration back up. :goodRead More


Vocalist Charley Pride, the first modern Black superstar of country music, Charley Pride. He was 86. :(

Public relations firm 2911 Media confirmed that Pride died on Dec. 12 in Dallas, Texas from complications related to COVID-19.



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