Started by Bigguy, Mar 01, 2018, 09:52 AM

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Never heard of this until I read this story. A woman gives birth without knowing she is pregnant and then stabs the baby with scissors and she is on house arrest and not allowed to have anymore kids. It goes on to say she does not pose a threat to the other 3 kids she has and she feels remorse about what she did. She got house arrest. I mean really. At the least I think she should be locked up in a mental institution. It's a weird article and might be hard for some to read but here is the link I was reading from:




What the hell is wrong with our justice systems? Not only did she stab this baby in the head, but it suffered a few days before it finally died. The link says that the sentence is a maximum of 5 years ... well, it should be an automatic 5 years if not longer.  >:(
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Yeah I don't get it. If your mental in the head you can get away with almost anything. I mean she still did it. There has to be some punishment. I think longer than 5 years is called for.


Can't stand to read/watch anything about children suffering or being hurt since my daughter was born. It enrages me and is not good for my mental health. gotta skip this one.
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