Started by Bigguy, Mar 08, 2018, 08:38 AM

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Well, here is another reason I don't need one of these damn things in my house. Other than spying on you and all that shit now it's laughing at you, holy crap. Nope it would be outside in a snow bank. Laugh now you stupid ^&*%



I quite like my Alexa, it's good for doing conversions and timers for cooking and shit.

And she understands 'Shut the fuck up!!'  ;D


Welcome to the site. Glad to have ya here. I think after reading the article that they don't understand Shut the fuck up. That's half the problem, lol. They laugh uncontrollable for some reason.


pretty sure I don't believe the excuse from amazon since the article said it was quiet in the house no-one else was home and the cat was asleep. If it hears false things that easily I wouldn't want it hooked up to anything thats gonna cost money like the heat or the lights so that makes it pretty useless in my books plus the whole idea of spying on people is just too real. If it has access to internet i don't want that thing in my house.
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