Comey says Your a liar

Started by Bigguy, Apr 15, 2018, 11:21 PM

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Well, is there much more to be said, I mean I just watched the interview on t.v. Comey pretty much called him a liar. Which he is but I would think there is a lot more to come:

QuoteWASHINGTON — If there was any chance that President Trump and James B. Comey could avoid all-out war, it will end Sunday night.


Quotea transcript of which was obtained by The New York Times. In it, Mr. Comey called Mr. Trump a serial liar who treated women like "meat," and described him as a "stain" on everyone who worked for him.

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Didn't watch the interview, seen flashes of it all week.. We all know what Trump is like, just took Comey to bring it out..

But as far as Republicans go, I think they mostly still like Trump and probably would reelect the guy..

But Comey is not the one to bring Trump down, some old whore is going to bring him down once and for all..


Well, just as long as he's brought down, lol. He's his own worst enemy that guy, lol.


I'd like to see a bullet take him down. LOL