Florida school shooting

Started by Bigguy, Feb 22, 2018, 09:58 PM

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I have been seeing various reports on this over the last little while and it just sickens me. To know that our schools are not even safe anymore. I know this is down in the states but that's still close to home if you ask me. Especially when it should not be happening at all. In the first place weapons are to accessible to everyone, not just people in the states.

In the second place. In this school it seems there was armed guards and they did nothing from what it sounds like from this news post. I mean if it's your job to protect kids, is that not what you should be doing. I think there actions directly effected the out come of this situation and something should be done about it and I think probably will more than what already has:



Trump now wants to arm the teachers...and will still accept contributions from the NRA. This guy is a straight up lunatic.
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I was just readin that and saw the post you shared on faceplant. This guy is going to get more people killed than small pocks. I mean holly shit, arming teachers, lmao. That's a great plan Mr Trump. :no


As I said in another thread, it's not President Trump's plan. It's been brought up before (after the Sandy Hook massacre during Obama's administration) and he's just bringing the idea back up.
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Ok it may not be his original plan but it is a bad one. Lets leave Trump out of it for a sec......Nope, still a bad plan, lol.