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Started by Bigguy, Nov 06, 2020, 09:58 PM

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Man it's been nice out here lately. It's supposed to be until the 20th of this month. Hope it lasts a little longer than that...maybeeee....til April. :lol


very ordinary / rainy weather yesterday (Sunday)
Today, Monday back to work - glorious day.
Someone up there is an arse !  :)
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It's been 18 to 20c here. just beautiful. We have another few days of this before it drops to around 5 to 8c. And that's still not bad.


Umm yeah 5 to 8 IS bad.

I ride a motorbike :)
My SMF 2.1 RC1 TEST site:


I've rode a motorcycle in the snow before. 2 inches of snow on the ground and I had to go for an hour and a half ride to my brothers place, lol. Only dropped it once.


Weather update 34 and humid. Very hot in full bike gear on way to work.
My SMF 2.1 RC1 TEST site: