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Not being able to break old habits ...

Started by Steve, Apr 09, 2018, 04:36 pm

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I'm not talking about smoking or God forbid, drinking beer, but little things.

For example, I now have to leave my keyboard tray slid out and locked in place (long story) but every single time I go to get out of my chair I automatically push the tray in sending my keyboard and trackball flying. Every. Single. Time.

Another one I get pissed off at myself for is forgetting to turn the volume down on my computer when I'm done for the night. I'll be sitting watching TV and a damned alarm or something will go off. Gaah!
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you responded the last time someone aimed a rubber band at you.


The volume, lol. I do that to..all the time. I hate that. It's always the small things that you forget first, lol.


I was a DJ and musician and sometimes forget about the volume. LOL