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Started by Bigguy, Apr 14, 2018, 05:09 pm

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Looks like the damn thing is doin the splits on us. Not much for weather goin on here right now. Thought I would post this.


Count your blessings. LOL


Updated pic. I think we are gonna start gettin rain here soon. Just got back from town and if your doin more than 40 km/h out there your stupid. It's slippery as fuck.


You didn't count your blessing and now it's coming for ya! LOL


I see that. Next time I will make sure to before it gets here. :)


Got up this morning to freezing rain, trees all coated with ice, limbs hanging and the smaller branches are breaking..Power lines are coated with ice and hanging, just waiting for them to snap..

Been a weird couple of years weather wise..


Quote from: Ronald on Apr 15, 2018, 09:45 amBeen a weird couple of years weather wise..

I think it's gonna get a lot weirder in the future.


I'm not sure this is gonna get better for us. The snow and sleet is gone for now but heavy rain could be moving in. Wind is going down and that's good.


Here is an updated pic. I know there is a storm hittin us but what is that in the top right corner of the screenshot. The tighter the wind lines are the faster they are movin.

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It was really bad out here near Toronto.
It started with snow, then sleet and followed up with ice rain.
Monday is supposed to be 5C and then Tuesday we are supposed to get this crappy weather yet again.
Hopefully the sun is out tomorrow so it melts a bit of the icy snow before the next storm rolls in.
Not much of a spring thus far, maybe a couple of nice days but that's been about it.


Yeah, it has not been nice at all. More snow here again tomorrow as well I think. If not, then rain. Yay spring....not. :tdown


It's not spring until I start to see da ladies break out in tight clingy clothing. LOL


That won't be for another 2 weeks or so damn it. :no


Apr 17, 2018, 07:23 pm #13 Last Edit: Apr 17, 2018, 07:25 pm by Bigguy
As far as I can tell this is over for the shores of lake huron. I hope. Snow has ended here and there is no wind. I wouldn't sit out on the back deck and drink a beer just yet but it is a nice day out....now, lol. :P


Cold and windy today and supposed to rain later and tomorrow, I think.