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USA attacks Syrian Chemical Installations

Started by Pwillie, Apr 15, 2018, 05:39 am

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USA taking credit for missile attacks on Syrian chemical warfare facility. From what I could tell it was French and British warplanes out of Cyprus that did the heavy lifting. That being said Putin is not taking it well. Could this be the start of something even bigger or is Putin just gonna be happy spouting his anti U.S. rhetoric? Any thoughts?
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There is a topic on this somewhere already. I think we are gonna see a lot of not so nice things come outta this. People might wanna get ready to :rfth



I'm waiting to see how far Russia is willing to go and I'm thinking Trump is thinking the same.


I think Putin is much more rational then Trump..If anything is to happen Trump will use Twitter to announce it one week in advance..

It will be a terrible time for the world, if Russia or America started any type of war.. You all know it'll be a nuclear war..How the hell did our world ever get into this predicament..

I figure all three Countries did an excellent job, of communications and pin pointing the exact locations.. I never heard if any civilians were killed..Not seeing to much on the news programs or the internet news..


Quote from: Skhilled on Apr 15, 2018, 10:12 amI agree about Putin being more rational than Trump. A tree stump is probably more rational. LOL

Do a search for it and you'll the many news articles about civilians killed from the attacks like these...it's all over the news and the net:



I think maybe I explained it wrong, Yes I knew about the chemical attacks and the casualties.. I was referring to the bombing attacks that just happened.. I understand the buildings were empty at the time, but how about people is the vicinity..of these buildings..