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Weather / Re: London Ont
Last post by Bigguy - Today at 10:23 AM
Oh no doubt. It's terrible something like this has happened.
Weather / Re: London Ont
Last post by Pwillie - Today at 10:07 AM
Well thats why you should'nt go down closed roads but I'm glad they didn't charge her i'm sure she's going through enough losing her kid and all.
Weather / Re: London Ont
Last post by Bigguy - Today at 10:02 AM
I heard about that. What do people not understand....stay out of the water.
Weather / Re: London Ont
Last post by Pwillie - Today at 09:43 AM
Yup thats a crap ton of water. They had some roads closed here a few weeks ago from flooding. Some lady lost here kid going driving down one of them and they figure he could be just about anywhere in the Grand River.
Weather / London Ont
Last post by Bigguy - Today at 09:35 AM
Wow that sucks. I didn't know London was under water like that. Well not all of it but some parts are.
Off-Topic Rants / Re: Driving The Speed Limit
Last post by Pwillie - Today at 07:56 AM
I get the opposite. I drive at least ten Kph over the posted limit and there is always some freaking turd burglar comes screaming up behind me and rides my ass. Usually I slow down to exactly the speed limit at that point.
Digital Freedom / Re: Why no discussion
Last post by chen_zhen - Today at 12:24 AM
Quote from: Ronald on Mar 21, 2018, 12:40 PMI did start a Arcade forum using IPB the older version, because SMF didn't have an Arcade that worked with out error. My Arcade forum is doing better than my regular Senior's forum..

Really? If it was SMF Arcade issues then you should have reported an issue on my forum.
Although perhaps you tried but it was down for a while.

The only recent issue was if you updated your mysql to the latest version it had a default setting which I just corrected the code to handle.
Also IBP arcade only plays flash and some recent browser versions are making it difficult to use it.
The latest version of SMF Arcade plays HTML5 games but I have only converted 12 thus far.
For anyone that is adept with programming javascript & HTML, HTML5/js games can be converted quite easily.
Weather / Radar
Last post by Bigguy - Yesterday at 11:16 PM
After I upgrade the site, I am going to try to make a page for live radar. I have an api key from a site already but have not tested things yet. When I do I will update this thread. This will be for members only.
Economy / Re: Stock market Drops
Last post by Pwillie - Yesterday at 09:37 PM
I think Trump better start listeng to the experts becsuse he is clearly going down the wrong path.
Politics / Re: Trade Wars
Last post by Pwillie - Yesterday at 09:33 PM
Well if Trump wants to compete in manufacturing with China he already lost. They would have to sink a metric crap-ton of money into r&d and automation. Ppl get scared when you say automation because they think it means lost jobs. So put money back into education and there would be jobs available for people because they would have technical skills. I think thats the only way to compete with China and win.
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