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News / Fajita's for everyone
Last post by Bigguy - Today at 04:11 pm
Ok, so the guy stole some fajita's, is that any reason to put him in jail for 50 years, lol. I think that is a bit much. Well....it was a lot of Fajita's, lol.

News / Look Ma, no floor
Last post by Bigguy - Today at 04:01 pm
No one was hurt so that's a great thing when posting about something like this. I guess at a party, after the music had started kickin hard.....the floor broke, lol. Yeah, well, ya gotta watch the video in the link. It's a little funny, lol.

Internet/Website Discussion / Chrome changes
Last post by Bigguy - Today at 01:47 pm
Did you know that siging into google while using chrome signs you into chrome as well. Even if I don't use the browser myself. If I sign into one website, that is all I want to be signed into. I don't want to be signed into my browser as well. And anyway, who does wanna be signed in on their browser ???  I don't see a need for it. Just another way companies can follow you around and get more info. They have changed it now to give users more control, which is the way it should have been from the start.

Science & Tech / Flawed for awhile
Last post by Bigguy - Today at 01:40 pm
We all knew that W10 has flaws in it. We all knew MS was to blame as well. This article tells us that they are introducing code changes to o/s's without them even being tested. Now, this is just wrong. I mean you have to test your changes before you give it to the end user. This has been going on since W7....and probably before that as well. Almost makes ya wanna switch to Linux...not really joking either.

Politics / Cold war era.
Last post by Bigguy - Today at 01:20 pm
Are we gonna slip back into this type of situation now. Trump is now playing with something real dangerous. The Russians. China is involved in this as well. If he keeps mouthing off, shit could hit the fan.

QuoteU.S. President Donald Trump says his intention to scrap a landmark arms control agreement with Russia follows years of violations by Moscow in developing prohibited weapons, and "we're not going to be the only one to adhere to it." The Kremlin said the pullout "would be a very dangerous step."

Internet/Website Discussion / Re: Vivaldi Browser
Last post by Bigguy - Today at 01:05 pm
Might have to check it out. I remember something about the name vivaldi from awhile ago. Might have been connected to something else though.
Internet/Website Discussion / Vivaldi Browser
Last post by Skhilled - Today at 11:36 am
I just found this browser and installed it. So far, it works well! It has good privacy features, themes, addons, a nice look and good features! You can import bookmarks, logins, etc. from any currently installed browser.

News / Re: Did ya buy a ticket
Last post by Bigguy - Yesterday at 01:29 pm
I played Max last night and won 20 bucks. :) So I went out and bought a 649 ticket for tonight.
Website Showcase / Re: My blog and 'stuff'
Last post by lurkalot - Yesterday at 06:37 am
Quote from: landyvlad on Jul 11, 2018, 08:52 pmThanks bigguy

Skhilled - re the forum. That block contains (you should be able to see it) just a drop down box for google translate. I didn't put a heading on that portal block).

Not that it greatly matters most people never look at that front page anyway. :)

That block is broken (being blocked), because it's being called for over a insecure url  The site isn't forcing https as it should be, so mixed content is going to be a problem.  If you visit http://gsx1400owners.org/forum/index.php that block will work.  If you visit https://gsx1400owners.org/forum/index.php that block won't work, and the site will get flagged as being insecure by your users browsers.


Instead of


Likewise this large image on your front page http://gsx1400owners.org/forum_test/gallery/0/1-120417193811-3682443.jpeg

Certain Browsers will block this content, or at least show your site as a Insecure site, because of the mixed content.

News / Re: Did ya buy a ticket
Last post by Skhilled - Yesterday at 05:58 am
Me too. ;)
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