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Started by Bigguy, Feb 18, 2018, 08:01 AM

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When I was a kid I remember snow banks higher than our car. It was cold out but not "Polar vortex" cold. Where did that come from by the way. There have been a lot of new weather saying in the last few years. I mean as a kid my mom never said to me "You have to wear two jackets cause there is a polar vortex today". Never did I hear that til a few years ago.

I tell ya, it's gotta have a lot to do with global warming. We are having shorter winters now with less snow and more cold. I wonder what it will be like around here in 50 years. Just like Florida I would say.


There definitely is something changing the weather patterns. Even the plants and birds don't know what freakin' season it is.
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I know eh. It seems the seasons are starting later and ending later as well. Like they are shifting.


Now we get great weather for a few days and then the chance of snow. I mean shit man. Wtf is up with that. It is supposed to be spring.


All we have are two seasons anymore. Winter and and fall. Summers are crap and spring seems even colder than it used to. I remember having to wear shorts and t shirts all summer when I was a kid, even at night. Now in the summer as soon as the sun goes down you need to put a fall jacket on.
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Yeah, it's gettin crazy. For people who need the heat like me this is just no good at all. I can't stand the cold. Not any part of it. I wish I could move somewhere warmer but that sucks to cause anywhere warm almost has tornadoes and floods and all sorts of bas ass weather.