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Caught in the middle

Started by Bigguy, Apr 03, 2018, 05:38 PM

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Well, this sort of sucks. Caught in the middle of snow and rain with really neither of them happening but you can feel the temps drop. It is raining but it is like a mist here almost. They say snow is supposed to come later. Checking the radar they are probably right. When I look at the radar map I see a lot of snow to the north and rain to the south. I hope this is a sign that warmer temps are comin.

EDIT: Just looked at the radar again right now as I post and it looks like the snow might miss us for today. Ya gotta love that. :hdance


Yeah, I can't wait for what I call "bikini weather"! Time to peel out of those clothes, ladies! LOL


Oh yeah, it's gonna be a great summer man I can tell you that. :)