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A 58 year old has been charged with break and enter....wait for it....while being naked, lmfao. 58 years old and roamin around naked in some one else's house....I wonder what you where high on...I think I can make a good guess that it wasn't pot, lol.


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Seems they have or might have found a planet not so far away from us that could sustain life. I read about it in this article:

Teegarden B

I think it's really awesome if it proves to be wh...

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Over a shot down drone....seems a little silly really. Go out and get another one, lol. Now, why would you call for an airstrike and than call it off. Doesn't make a lot of sense to me really. :nope
I gotta say...summer better be better than spring was. Man, did we get a lot of rain. Rained here yesterday as well. Only good thing about it all is everything is nice and green outside. :yes
This site will be getting an update very soon. Probably this weekend. Just wanted to do a shout out so people knew. :D
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... This as posted elsewhere by Skhilled:

Quote from: Skhilled on Apr 18, 2019, 09:22 amThere's a lot more to Google's tracking than you realize!!! They are using a hidden service on your phones to track you and give the informa

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