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This 9 year old boy got the laws changed in his town so he could throw a snowball at his brother, lol. I guess in a small town in Colorado, it is illegal to throw snow balls. He went to the town meeting and got them to change it. I think this is great man. Instead of...

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How is this going to turn out. MS wants to ditch Edge and start using chrome in windows instead. They are saying that Edge has fallen behind other browsers and instead of working on it to make it better, they are just gonna start using something else. Why don't they just fix...

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Yup, that's right. And I ain't talkin about Christmas either, lol. In 107 days it will be spring. If ya look at it that way it's not so bad, lol. I read the Almanacs and they are both different so I don't know. Personally I think it will be warmer than normal. :cool1
The forecast for up here looks real good. On the 16th of this month it is supposed to go up to 7 or 8 degrees. That's nuts for December. I'll take it for sure but just nuts. I hope it's a short winter. :good
I am going to give this a try for a bit and see how it goes. I was impressed when I installed it on the test site so I figured I would try it here. No fear for EhPortal though. I will have you installed again at some point. I just wanted to see what TP could do.

Giving support, is there anything better. This is one aspect of the internet that I have loved. I mean gettin right in there and helping people out. Some people must think I am nuts. I'll tell ya what does it for me. Being able to give to another person the ability to relax and enjoy themselves. After all, that's what most of us are here for, right. We don't come to the net to get frustrated or angry. This is a leisure time activity (for most).

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