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..To Canada, because, PETA wants 'meat tax' to steer Canadians toward plant-based diet!! :nope

I figured I would do it now and get it done. So I am stuck on my tablet for a bit,, which sucks. At least this update will be done.
I didn't know this until today and this is not the video I watched that explained it to me. I am posting a link to something that will explain it a bit better than I can though. From what I gather, the warmer we get because of global warming the more polar vortex's we will s...

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Wiarton Willie that is says it's gonna be a early spring. I gotta agree with him. I think we have had our winter. No matter how good or bad it was. Don't get me wrong, it's not over yet. I think we have seen the worst of it though. Now I have two rodents backin me up, lol. <...

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So this woman steals a credit card, goes to a store to buy a few things. While there she figures she'll buy a scratch ticket. What do you think happens, lmao. The scratch ticket was a winner....50,000 dollar winner. She got caught while trying to claim the prize money, lol. ...

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This has all made us mad. Your out shoveling snow and so is your neighbor. He throws a bit on a part you have already shoveled. This makes an arguement. It happens all the time. We would all love to drag the snow plow driver outta his seat cause of what he does every...

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