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Any news article that is posted should come with a link back to the source.  Quoting the article is not enough. We want to give full credit to the person that wrote the article. If there is no link for the news you are posting then it should be posted in the member lounge. T...

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For technology. I have always said that it's getting to much. Technology is going to take our jobs, make us lazy and a whole other waft of things. One thing I do agree with is when it is used for medical purposes, like this:

QuoteNewcastle University

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This is what the GDPR is doing. Of course they both probably deserve it, lol.

So this is the thing. If the government legalizes pot, they can't raise the price. That is what drives the black market. I mean they are trying to turn them selves into dealers without even knowing how to deal. You don't take a bag of weed that is worth 30 bucks and bump...

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This is pretty interesting. I don't claim to understand it. But scientists are making a lot of progress these days as to how are universe was created or formed or whatever. I love reading these articles about dark matter and black holes and such. Now we get to talk about...

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Well, I think we all knew or thought something like this was gonna happen. This is why I will not have Alexa or the other one in my home. To much technology. These things can listen to you and record you. I do not want my personal life recorded by a machine that is...

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