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So they found it, water. Does this mean life. Maybe, maybe not. I think the exciting part is that something used to be there. Was a culture like ours....I don't know. I just know that something was there at one point. I'd love to find out what it was.
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That update keeps trying to reboot my PC then downloads itself again and goes through the process over and over for months now. Thousands are complaining about the same thing! Other things are downloaded and installing but not that. I have keep resetting the time for it to...

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Well, Verne Troyer past on today. You know the Mini me. 54 I think it says. No cause of death at all has been revealed that I have seen. it sucks though, 54 ain't that old.

I still build my own pc and probably always will. I have never owned a store bought/made desktop computer.
My rig:
Processor (CPU)
CPU Name
AMD FX™-6300 Six-Core Processor
1 CPU - 6 Core - 6 Threads
3511.09 MHz (17.5 * 2...

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Well, we all knew it wasn't really magic. In court Dave the magician had to reveal a secret. This guy is worth 800 million or something. Holy shit. I got a bar trick then that might be worth a couple thousand, lol.
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Ok, well I guess so. We had one today. here is a brief quote:

QuoteAMHERSTBURG, Ont. - There are no reports of injuries or damage after a minor earthquake struck southwestern Ontario Thursday night.

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