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Well, they have almost gotten the last of them out. I love caves but they can be dangerous. Glad they are ok.

So the OPP are not meeting the quota they need for officers trained in the field of tellin if someone is stoned or not. Most people can tell just by lookin at someone, lol. Anyway, they are tryin to train officers but could fall short of what they need by the time Marijuana...

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The salt mine in Goderich is one strike. I support any union member on strike..

What salt or products does this mine produce..
I will not bitch about the heat, I will not bitch about the heat, lol. Looks like we are in for a week of temps in the 40's. It's gonna get hot folks. Take care of the animals and yourselves. I installed an air conditioner for our dogs. So I don't have to worry to much...

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In this universe. Personally, I can't see it. There is to many planets and space out there for Earth to be the only habitable planet anywhere. There has to be other life somewhere in the universe. We may never find it but I do believe it is out there. It has to be. Well,...

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Well, if anyone needs it after all the lies she has told it's her. I know she is just doing her job but I don't know how you can get up and say all the thinks she says and be ok with it. She was asked to leave a restaurant because she works with Trump. It's not right but...

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