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I hope you guys see this. All the different tech that started each year from somewhere around 1945 and on. It's kinda cool to see.

Past tech
Ya see these news articles that just make ya wonder. I am readin one now about a riding lawnmower accident were the driver is deceased. Somehow he got into a pond on the damn thing. Now...I gotta ask. Why would ya not jump off.... .... I mean it really does not make sense...

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I didn't even know they were looking for them, lol. I guess they found some though. I doubt they are used for time travel at all. The article says they could be used in atomic clocks and such. So it's not real exciting news but it is news. When i first saw it I thought we...

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I don't think this is a good idea. I mean it depends on what material they use really but who wants to drive around in a car that was made from a  printer, lol. I mean GM thinks it's a good idea. I would go as far as to say maybe for replacement parts but not for a new car, ...

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You might not be able to later. Seems as though they are being sued. I guess they don't know what money to spend on what, lol. I knew I shoulda stopped drinkin timmies.

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