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So even if you tell Google not to track your phone, it still does. I mean you can turn location off and it can still see what you are doing. This is gettin a bit much. I mean we are being watched by eveything these days. Even lamp post for fuck sakes, lol.
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So here are some pics of our harbour.....and a the end of the boat launch. The driver was following a GPS when he rounded the corner and drove straight into Lake Huron. This was at night so it's not all on the driver I guess, lol. Or is it. They say they deliver a...

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Man, I guess a lot of it is under water. I didn't think they got that much rain. They coulda shared maybe, lol. It sucks though. They will be like this for weeks to come I bet. There is a video in the link as well.


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All because someone said something that wasn't going to happen anyway. Now Saudi Arabia is all up in arms and wants all their students back....that's only going to hurt their students in the long run.


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