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Looks like we may be coming to a trade war. I don't like it a bit but whatdya do. I think it's unfair to be honest after the amount of time Canada and the U.S. have been allies and friends. Obviously Trump does not understand that. Here is an article I found on Face plant...

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This is gettin a little much I think. Glad I don't live there but how is THIS gonna affect us.

Good or bad I am not sure right now but I was just on GitHub and this popped up saying that Microsoft is aquiring GitHub. I don't see how this is going to help GH stay Open Source.

So a 47 year old woman shot her husband cause he beat the family cat.....Yeah, he's dead.(not the cat) What I wanna know is what type of drugs was she on when she did it. I can see slappin someone or even punching them if they are beating an animal to bad. Even jail time...

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