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I was readin up on this article about blackholes. This is an amazing pic, even if it is computer generated.

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I got it from this article here:
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He has a lot of questions still to answer. Like a lot. Here is an interesting fact for all of you that DON'T use facebook. Ya thought you were safe didn't ya, lol:

QuoteRepresentatives Kathy Castor, a Florida Democrat, and Ben Lujan, a New Mexico Democrat,

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Yup, as someone said the other day. In the midst of this storm we are havin people are going to forget how to drive again, lol. We just went through winter, how can people forget to drive in this shit already, lol.  I'm readin a news article that starts like this:


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Looks like the damn thing is doin the splits on us. Not much for weather goin on here right now. Thought I would post this.
Well, Canada has decided not to be a part of any bombing in Syria. In my opinion, this is a good thing. I mean Russia backs Syria and then you got a whole crap load of shit to worry about. Here is a quote:

QuoteOTTAWA--Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says that C

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