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Trump thinks so. It's to do with all the "fake news" that is put out about him, lol, of which 90% is probably true. I don't know anymore. So much has happened and is happening with him it is hard to keep track. It may be easier to report on Trudeau, lmao, a little boring tho...

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That's how they tried to get the cocain in, lol. Pretty inventive really. They did get caught though, thank god. Just nutz the lengths some will go to to sell/buy the shit.


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Correct me if I'm wrong but when someone dies are ya not supposed to fly the flag at half staff ??? Sen. John McCain Just died (R.I.P.) and the white house flies there flag at full. Man, there's some respect for ya.


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Big storm movin in. Power just flickered. Looks to be forming right over my house, lol. Been waitin for a big storm to hit but I hope I don't loose power.
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