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Spaceport....since when were we building one of them, lol.

QuoteHALIFAX - The start date for the construction of Canada's only commercial spaceport has been pushed back, a developer said following meetings at the proposed rocket launch site near a small fishing

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Bad end to a good weekend. Oh well, it's not snow, lol. Which I have camped in in May two-four.  Supposed to be nice and hot around here this week before it rains again. I hope that's true.
and shared as much as you can

Holy shit. there still gettin snow to the north of us. It's not that far away actually. That really sucks.
Wtf is goin on here. Where is my raise. I mean they do nothing but take our money to pay themselves while selling off our hydro to other countries.. This is bullshit. Absolute and utter bullshit. It pisses me off when the rich get richer off of the small guy.
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