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I hope the bastard gets 50 years. Why walk into a Mac's store and rob it to begin with, your not going to get much. After you rob it...WHY would you shoot and pistol whip two clerks....If I was the Judge.....No parole, 50 years, your done.


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I guess there is a massive snow storm hittin the states right now. There are a lot of people without power down there today. I just went through that myself earlier. I hope they get it back soon.

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According to this article it might. The big oil companies just agreed to cut the number of barrels per day (bpd) they make. prices did go up per barrel yesterday I guess. I have no idea how long all this takes to filter down to the little guy like me but I don't think this i...

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Well, this is lookin good for Canada. I mean this is the lowest the unemployment rate has been since 1976. It fell last month to just 5.8% Canada added...get this, 94 100 jobs. Probably mostly in the pot industry, lmao. The article does not say that but I'm wonderin, lol...

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Hello member name , how are ya now. Just a short note to tell ya what's been going on. There are more options available to members on the forum. We have switched to using Tiny Portal. There are a few new members to the site. If you are one of them I would like to welcome you...

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With all the people on the road today it gets tougher and tougher to drive. Drunk driving, drug driving, distracted driving and older people driving. Man it gets tough. If you don't run into one of these people on the road at some point your a lucky person. Young people are not so much into drunk driving as they are distracted driving and drug driving. Older people are into drunk driving or are just to old to be on the road.

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