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Or so some people would believe. Not to long ago a cigar shaped asteroid past by earth. Some scientists think this was an alien probe just checkin us out. Well, I guess anything is possible. I mean there has to be something out there right. Nobody got a pic of it when it...

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So a windows update came along the other day, I was watching a TV show on my PC with the headset on, and after the update they stopped working :(

I looked at the site for drivers but none for this model MHS-U-001 usb headset :(

I rolled back the windows...

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This has got to be someones nightmare, lol. I just read that snowshoe hares eat meat. It's kinda weird to think about a cute little bunny eating a wolf or other animals but it's true. I can actually believe this. As the article says, it's mostly in the winter to supplement t...

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We all knew it had to happen sooner or later. Ya gotta admit it's been a nice winter up until now. By the looks of things its gonna get cold out for a bit. A couple weeks at least. I don't mean polar vortex cold either thank god, lol. I still think it is going to be a short ...

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Some of these have been changed a bit to condense them. Not only cause no one wants to read all that but also it makes the board icons look better.
Boy we are gettin lucky here today, lol. We not only get snow and ice pellets but we also get freezing rain and rain, lol. Not necessarily in that order. Seems like the first big storm of the year that is not gonna dump any snow at all really. It's gonna suck to drive in.
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