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Eh Portal

Started by Bigguy, Nov 08, 2018, 11:15 pm

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Nov 08, 2018, 11:15 pm Last Edit: Nov 16, 2018, 11:17 pm by Bigguy
The portal has just been updated. If there are any issues, please post about them here. There should not be but I did have to do a manual edit this time to Subs-boardindex(161) when installing. I have manually edited that file before uninstalling EhPortal so this is most likely the problem and not EhPortal at all. I just want to make sure I did the edit right. :)


I never had any problem with installing or uninstalling on a localhost test using the latest build.
At least when I tested it a few days ago there were no issues as you describe.

If one of the edits conflicts with a popular mod then what I can do is change the edit if possible.
Sometimes 2 mods may use the same default place marker in which case I can use something else in the same area.
I would have to know the mod attempting to edit in the same file and same place to make the change.


I think I added a piece of code to that file a few days ago from GH....I think. So, like I said it was probably just me playin around. I remember having that file open before installing the new version of EhPortal.