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Boot times

Started by Bigguy, Nov 25, 2018, 01:19 PM

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How fast does your computer boot to your o/s. Mine was 48 sec. That's with all programs loaded on desktop. :yes


Mine is a bit slow to how it should be, because I have a lot of connected drives, but normally about 1 min.

My C drive is an ssd


A minute is good time with all those drives there.


I haven't checked since I've built this a couple of years ago but have almost as many drives as Les.


I have three extra here I use now but I leave them unplugged.


Mine are all internal drive, the USB drives you see are just viewing the sockets 


My PC boots fast since I installed internal ssd's for the OS.
I still own some HDD's that are hooked up to my PC.
Those take a few seconds to boot when accessed for the first time.
The Seagate HDD's seem to have a bit of a slow warm-up.


SSD is the way to go for drives no doubt about that. :good


I see the desktop in probably 20 seconds. 1 SSD and 1 HDD

I always hibernate the computer because I can pick up right where I left off.


Hibernating the machine, aaaah I see, lol. Try it from a cold boot. I bet your times are right around mine. :)


That 20 sec figure actually is cold boot.


Well than, that is a very good boot up time. Right from shut off to desktop. Damn, wish I had those times, lol. I have enough time to turn on my computer go to the fridge, grab a beer, pet the dog and sit down to type in my password. Programs load and off we go, lol. :)


Yup, me too. LOL


I'm about 15-20 seconds from cold as well. Running OS (Win 10 home 64 bit) from an SSD and using HDD for games and media and such.
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About a fortnight. Bloomin slow, and seems to be getting slower after every Windows update.


Try these to get rid of the junk, temp files, etc. After running them you should disable them so they don't load at startup and use them maybe once per month.

Glary's Utilities:


Or Ccleaner:



I use both already. ;)