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Genetically edited babbies

Started by Bigguy, Nov 26, 2018, 09:03 am

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Are we there yet....at the point in time were this is safe to do. I mean to edit the DNA of anything is like playing god but now the Chinese have actually edited the DNA of babies and they have been born. Twins I do believe. Some scientists call it human experimentation.....what do you think:



Yeah, I think they are playing with things they shouldn't. Too many evil people in the world for stuff like that.


I agree. I don't think we are at this stage yet. A lot more testing before we start screwin around and makin super heros, lol. Not enough is known I don't think at this point. :nope


I personally agree. I think it's way to soon for this. Scientists I don't think have done enough studies about this to start human trials. I mean the human DNA is extensive. I know they have been studying it forever now but how bout a bit more studying before we actually start playin around and makin super-humans.




Well, crap, lol. I did to I guess. Ok, well let me try to merge them I guess.

* Bigguy shoulda known that.