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Started by Bigguy, Nov 26, 2018, 08:58 am

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Well, nothin to do that is work related today. We got a rain/snow mix here. Still warmer than usual out so that is good but I hate sittin around doin nothing waitin for a job (Macs) to come along that I hate. This weather is supposed to go on for a day or two so I don't expect much snow out of it to be honest. Looks like the weather is above 0 up until the 5th or 6th of December. Gotta like that. :cool1


Yup, supposed to be rainy here today and maybe tomorrow but not too cold...we'll see.


Snowin here now but not to bad really. Next rain should take it away.


It's cold here, yet mild to me. Had some snow this morning, but not much, calling for a high of 47 Saturday but with rains..


Nice and mild today out side. Got one job to do today and then done til monday. :good


It's been mostly dry here with a spot of showers once in awhile.


We are supposed to get showers this afternoon. All my runnin around is done, thank god. Now onto relaxin and playin around. :hb


Got a little rain here too.


Hasn't started here yet but it's gonna soon. I'm surprised how long it's held off.


Was raining lightly since yesterday but I think it's stopped now.


Rained all night last night. Now it's around 10 degrees out. Nice and mild.


Been 13-14c here in Essex UK, that's kind of warm for December. :)


It's still about 10 degrees out and now the sun is out and it's lookin beautiful out. I just looked at the 14 day and the temps are still lookin nice. I think it is going to be a mild winter here.


We're gettin a thunder storm right now, lol. That's a bit weird.