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Please, come on in and check things out. It would be our pleasure :)

Updated to RC1

Started by Bigguy, Dec 28, 2018, 08:32 PM

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Dec 28, 2018, 08:32 PM Last Edit: Dec 29, 2018, 10:51 PM by Bigguy Reason: spelling
I have just finished updating to the latest GitHub version. Tiny Portal is also updated to the latest version. I will be customizing the site soon. Probably tonight. If you see any errors, please post about them.


This is great news, everything looks good so far to me.


Alerts on this site are still broke for me. Other than that things are ok. so far. :yes


So....one mod left to install and I think that is it. All customization should be done and everything appears to be working. I had an error in the calendar when posting about DC's B-day. I think that has been caught on GH though. I will check later about that. Anything else you find wrong please post here. :peace


Nice job, all seems to be pretty stable, not doing anything strange apart from the alerts, which at the moment seem to be popping back up a while after I mark them as read. 142 currently.

TinyPortal is behaving itself I hope? Looks good from here.


attachments dont seem to be workin :dk Using chrome


I just noticed this when looking with Firefox and chrome, a difference with the theme colours near the quick reply section.

this is from chrome
[attach name=chrome.png type=image/png]384[/attach]

and Firefox
[attach name=firefox.png type=image/png]386[/attach]

:edit: attachments working OK with Firefox


I can't do much about the theme colors in different browsers. The attachments might be a bug though.


never noticed it before the update



I have done all the manual edits to get alerts working. Ran into an error so I will have to wait to see how to fix it. :(


Ok, well, not sure if this is working. I made a change to it myself.


OK, this may be working but it is throwing errors in the admin panel. Someone should try to clear their alerts.


I don't have any alerts or emails for this topic...nor any other ones, I think.


Go to all alerts and see what is there.