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Have ya ever seen this

Started by Bigguy, Dec 16, 2018, 07:56 AM

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What the hell does this mean:

SQLite3::exec(): database is locked

This is in my error log. I have never seen this before. :ja :dk


Never saw this before but according to a google search they say it is before the you didn't close te db/phpmyadmin after using it.


Could be I guess. I posted on SMF and they said it is cause two things were trying to write to the database at the same time or something. I don't know. All seems to work ok anyway.



It might be a deadlock, are you trying to update the same SQLite database with two processes?
A DBMS (MySQL, MariaDB, DB2, etc.) have the same thing for tables.


It was an error in the error log in the admin panel. I don't get it anymore so they must have fixed it on GH.