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Mac the Moose

Started by Bigguy, Jan 18, 2019, 07:23 AM

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Moose jaw Sask. has had the worlds tallest Moose for 31 years and have been really proud of it. Up until recently that is. Someone in Oslo Norway has just made one that is 30 cm taller than Mac. Now, it seems there is a race to see which town can hold the record for the biggest Moose in the world. Check out the article. I think it's a bit funny but to each his own I guess, lol.



Now I ask ya. What moose wears a hat or stiletto's....That's a bit stupid. Just make his antlers bigger like suggested....stilettos :lol

QuoteIn his speech, Mac the Moose offered a number of ideas to help him gain the upper hand on his Norwegian counterpart.

"I'd be proud to wear a Mountie Stetson and I wouldn't even mind being fitted for stilettos," he said.