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Ads on forums

Started by Bigguy, Apr 27, 2018, 10:02 pm

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So with ads on a forum ....what do people make...like half a cent per click. I almost put this in off topic rants cause that's dumb. Unless your forum is real busy and there are a few not so bright people there. I really don't see how it earns you money. You will never see ads on this site. That's just dumb. IMO. :tdown


I agree but on a busy forum it works. Plus many people don't like them, including me.


I block them anywhere I can. If I site won't load cause I blocked their ads then I leave that site.


I had Google ads at one time, just before payment, they blocked me saying I was clicking the ads myself.. Never did get paid, and had nothing more to do with google..

I also used a couple of other advertisement groups, but never made a cent from them..

Some forums make a lot of money..need the right ads to push..

Now I do not allow any ads on my forums, none at all, and I block them them from my browsers also..


Quote from: Ronald on Apr 28, 2018, 04:19 pmI had Google ads at one time, just before payment, they blocked me

I had them to but was never blocked. Never got a cent from them either so screw that. Plus, as said above they are not well liked on a forum by many people.


I still run google ads on a few sites I run, last payment I had was 2014 and £60 (about $103cad) since then my amount is £9 lol

You just dont click on your own ads, google will know!


I hate having to deal with Google. It sucks. I really don't care about monetizing the site or page rank. I just wanna have a site people enjoy. I hear you have to have 100 bucks before they pay out though I think.


I don't know what the pay out is.. I quit many years ago running ad's, really a waste of time for the little pay out you get..


Quote from: Bigguy on Jul 24, 2018, 08:15 pmI hear you have to have 100 bucks before they pay out though I think.

Yes it is $100, because I got £60 which is about 100 bucks


I think they should have a payout button so you can pay yourself out when ya need to. Makes more sense.


I also hate ads on sites. OR I should say specifically - random ads like all those external companies. Google, AdSense etc

If revenue is required there are other solutions which are worth considering.
- paypal donate button
- paid subscriptions offering additional benefits.
- appeal to members to help cover costs, purely voluntary (this worked well for me this year)
and if more $ needed / regular income
- business sponsors - they might get a sub-forum for the to flog their products in, right to sell commercially on site where others don't, banner ad or something occasionally - but not requiring people to click.

My SMF 2.1 RC1 TEST site:  http://www.gsx1400owners.org/test21forum/index.php


All good ideas Landy. A lot better than puttin ads up.


Yes, but if no one donates or clicks the ads then you get nothing. A two headed coin basically.

I just suck up the costs, myself.


Quote from: Skhilled on Jul 26, 2018, 09:36 amI just suck up the costs, myself.

That's what I have been doing...


Me too on the GSX forum but once its up and running and people enjoy it then enough are willing to donate to keep it ticking along to cover domain name and hosting costs....
My SMF 2.1 RC1 TEST site:  http://www.gsx1400owners.org/test21forum/index.php