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Early morning update

Started by Bigguy, Feb 03, 2019, 07:57 am

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I figured I would do it now and get it done. So I am stuck on my tablet for a bit,, which sucks. At least this update will be done.


:ang  I hate this stage.....configuring updates. It should have this stage done by now. This update says it comes with new features, which will be nice to check out....oh my up to 12 percent configured, lol.


All configured and 4 percent done updating. This is gonna be slow.


Took the wife into work and it's still not done. 91 % :ang


OK, so the update is done. Not sure what I was at but I am now at:

Windows 10 Pro
Evaluation copy. build 18329.19h1_release190129-1504

I ain't seen no new features yet though. I guess I will go looking around now. :)


I guess there are a few new things but this build is not working right either. :shocked1:


Ok you get the other updates. Windows Insider

The latest one out is Windows 10 version 1809


Yeah, the version I am running is 1903. It's due out to the public in April from what I read.