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Started by Bigguy, Jun 25, 2019, 06:47 AM

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I was listening to the weather today and it made me a bit mad that the weatherman said something to the effect of "We have reached the summer equinox so the days will be getting shorter now"......As far as I am concerned summer just started, didn't it, lol. Right there I think that shortened my summer by a bit. The last thing I wanted to hear this close to the start of summer is that the days are gettin shorter, lmao.

* Bigguy thinks the weatherman should have his pay cut


Yep! True first day of summer is the longest day, each day after that gets shorter by a minute or two each day, until it's dark out a 5 pm


Yeah, but we don't need to hear that the day after summer starts, lol. 15 hrs and 27 minutes is what it was yesterday.