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Aliens said so

Started by Bigguy, Jun 26, 2019, 07:30 am

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So a guy made a bomb and placed it behind a hotel because....aliens told him they would blow up Earth if people didn't start being good. So, how is building a bomb and blowing people up taking the advice of "being good" from aliens. I think it was his cat that told him this when he was high on crack is what I think, lol.



QuoteDavid Oxenrider, 29, was taken into custody by state troopers after they responded to the scene at the Bahney House in Myerstown, a city roughly 25 miles north of Lancaster, where he reportedly lives.

Oxenrider told investigators he encountered aliens and a UFO in 2014. He claimed the aliens told him: "Humans need to start being good people, or else they were going to destroy the Earth with a nuclear laser beam."

The 29-year-old, according to a criminal complaint, says he tells people about the aliens, but people tell him he's "crazy" in return. So he allegedly created the bomb to warn authorities.

Rides to many oxen I thinks..