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Started by Steve, Mar 12, 2018, 04:44 PM

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avatar_Steve Steve

Some time ago, whenever the kid moved up here, the wife and he went and bought a car that he could fit his massive size in (he weighs over 450lbs - 204kg). They insisted they knew what they were doing so I stayed out of it. We paid $3,000 ($3853 Canadian) for it.

We took it into the dealer this morning (yes, I know dealers are more expensive and tend to sell you more than you need but I've been going to these guys for years and I trust them and they've always given me a fair deal) because the brakes felt like they needed some work. They looked at everything on, in and around the car and here's what they found:

1. Front brake pads worn down to 3mm and have to be replaced.
2. Rotors so pitted and warped they need to be replaced.
3. Brake pad calipers damaged and need to be replaced.
4. One lug nut stud broken.
5. Tensioner on the motor serpentine belt squealing.
6. Some part around the strut (I forget which one he told me) broken.
7. Rear brake drums wouldn't come off so forcing them would probably break most everything in there (worst case scenario).

Fixing all of that would come to around $3,100 ($3,982 Canadian) ... and that's if there's nothing wrong with the motor, transmission, drive train, etc.

Fuck that. It's going back in our other house's garage (where the kid is living) and if he wants a car he can get a damn job and buy one.

We can't keep supporting his ass. We're burning through our retirement money and it has to stop. He's 38 years old and wanting us to provide him with food, shelter and transportation for free? Fuck that.
Babies are fearless. They'll stare you dead in the eye and take a shit.

avatar_bigguy Bigguy

I know what you are saying. Trust me I do. I have a 23 year old daughter we are havin a few problems with at the moment. As for the car problems. I told you about mine in a different thread but my wifes is were the real problem lies. We paid 2500 for it 8 months ago or something. It's going to cost us 2100 to fix it. It will get fixed and put back on the road, but slowly.

avatar_Steve Steve

If the wife and son had asked for my input that car would never have been bought. What a POS it is.
Babies are fearless. They'll stare you dead in the eye and take a shit.

avatar_bigguy Bigguy

They never ask though, you should expect that. I do. I only get called in to clean the mess up, not to take part in making it. :)

avatar_Pwillie Pwillie

That sucks Steve but happy wife= happy life so I guess you deal with it or take the friction that results. Thats the way I see it.
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