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Samsung Galaxy X

Started by Bigguy, Apr 26, 2018, 04:39 pm

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I heard about this last year I think or so. It looks real cool. I'm not to sure about the hinge for it to fold that the article is talking about. I thought they were using one screen, paper thin that folded. Now I am not sure. It still looks cool though.



I heard about that technology/feature being developed by Samsung years ago.
Personally I'd wait until the product has been out for a few years so they can work all the bugs out.


Yeah I think something like this will have a load of them, lol.


i always wait for the bugs too. LOL Most software companies tend to use new users as guinea pigs for bugs to save money...


Why not, it's a cheap way of getting things done. At least they could do though is give people a phone for helping out. ;)


Yes! Some type of compensation is warranted.