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Get your Tim Hortons now

Started by Bigguy, May 03, 2018, 03:04 PM

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I bbq in the winter so of course I eat burgers when ever I can.


I used to do it too. But I haven't fired up the grill in a few years. Everyone wants to eat but no one wants to help cook, clean, or buy the food. So, I stopped using it.


I'll cook and clean the grill and the utensils I use outside. The rest is up to them. We use paper plates a lot, lol. No one here wants to clean up either, lol.


The biggest problem was all of the neighbors want to eat too. LOL I use flavored wood chips when I grill like cherry, hickory, mesquite, etc. So when the chips are just starting to smoke they smell it and already think something's cooking before I get the food on the grill. LOL


Stop usin wood chips, lol. If they can't smell it right away you may have a chance to "cook & hide", lol.


Yeah, I know. But the food tastes SO much better! LOL


mmm... bbq

They have Popeyes in Canada..
There are lots of those in T.O. and its surrounding cities.
They're pretty good but I still prefer Mary Browns or KFC.

My favorite burger place is Hero Burger, second is Harveys & third is A&W (<-- really salty though).
McDonalds is good for breakfast but I do not like their burgers.
5-guys is good but too pricey.


For me, it seems the KFC's around here have gone down a lot and I refuse to eat there anymore.

5 Guys do have pretty good burgers and that's my first choice for burgers. Not many other good choices around here, imo.

Generally, I don't eat out much anymore cause the choices around here are not very good unless you go to a high-end restaurant. I've been to a few and those are very good! But they way too pricey...


Around here it's all fast food. there is way to many of them. A lot have shut down just for that simple fact. I hate fast food and put a ban on it here during the week. Weekends, fine but not week nights.