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Losers at work.

Started by Pwillie, May 15, 2018, 09:47 am

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So we have this maintenance guy at work...first I tell him that the controls on my crane only work intermittently so he puts a new pendant on  my crane it's way too short, i mean i'm six feet tall and I could barely reach it. So about two weeks later he comes and puts a longer pendant on the crane well he wires it backwards so down is up and up is down. As a former plant manager I can tell you that's not safe at all (like you need to be a brain surgeon to figure that's not safe). He tells me oh I'll come back later and fix it, he does not. I then have a couple days off and come back to find it's been wired to function properly. But it pulls right out of the crane in my hand. Grrrr. So i go get the maintenance dude on shift and show him and he sets out fixing it, I go on break and come back to find he has taken the crane down altogether and now I have no crane and 1200 pound rolls that have to be moved. Nice. What a bunch of complete loser maintenance people. I don't care if that seems harsh, to me fix the goddamn crane properly on the first try so I can go about getting my job done, seriously they only make about 40 bucks an hour so just do your job friggin maintenance guy, seriously wtf are you thinking.
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Sounds to me like you need a new maintenance guy, lol.


Turn the maintenance guy in. Overhead cranes are to function properly, even if you are the sole operator. When I was working in the tool shops, I needed a lift truck ticket and had to take a safety course in the operations of overhead cranes, chains, straps, you name it we did it..

We used a fifty ton crane most times, nothing for me to load my trailers with a 50,000 pound mould, I have almost taken a 50 ton crane to its limits..If I am correct a 50 ton overhead crane is rated to lift twice it's weight..or dam close to it..


Everyone has a boss. Go to his boss or his boss's boss until something gets done right. I have the same on my job at times...nobody's perfect. But if there's a safety issue bring it up with the proper personnel so it's documented and they can't say no one knew about it... I've been a supervisor off and on for a lot of years. ;)