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A buck a beer

Started by Bigguy, Aug 08, 2018, 07:13 AM

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:clap I'm already clappin, lol. I think this is a great idea. Now wether or not the brewers do this is another story. I seemed to think they won't though as there are no planned monetary incentives. Who knows though. I guess we wait to see on Labour day.



QuoteTORONTO - Ontario launched its buck-a-beer plan Tuesday by offering "non-financial incentives" to brewers who sell their beer for $1, prompting critics to question the Progressive Conservative government's priorities and accuse the province of trying to deflect scrutiny on key issues such as education and the environment.
In other words, drink a lot of beer and forget the bullshit we've been feeding ya. LMAO

I'm surprised Trump hasn't thought of this. LOL


You watch I bet he does somethin like this if not the same thing.