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9/11 still killing

Started by Bigguy, Aug 31, 2018, 06:06 AM

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Just when ya thought it was long over and gone. I was reading an article this morning that says that huge dust cloud that emanated from the buildings when the planes hit was poisonous. FBI agents are still dying from it. Here is a quote from the article:

Quote"It's like Bin Laden is still reaching out from the grave," said FBI agent Thomas O'Connor, who is president of the FBI Agents Assn., a service and advocacy group for active and former agents. "It affects us all in serious ways. People are dying, others are sick. Those that are not yet sick wonder - is that headache, is it really cancer? Is that sore hip really cancer?"



It's well documented that many people died after the fact due to cancer of some kind caused by whatever was in the dust cloud.

At some point though, people will start blaming their current problems on it in order to get some monetary relief for their medical bills. Looks like that's happening.
We need to start worrying about what kind
of world we're going to leave for Keith Richards.


Makes ya wonder what was in that damn dust cloud. :ques