Microsoft charging

Started by Bigguy, Sep 09, 2018, 10:01 am

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WTF, I just read that MS is going to start charging people for keeping their computers running smoothly. Shouldn't MS get their o/s's running right BEFORE they start tryin to keep peoples computers running right. ???



If they do that I will move to a Linux distro, greedy bathplugs :-X  >:(


It might be just on the corporation lvl...not sure. Linux is lookin better all the time.


Yup, they have officially started to run it into the ground on purpose! LOL


I didn't get the impression it was a requirement deal but I could be wrong. I can't imagine them requiring people to pay for a service like this.
Dear kids who are snorting condoms, apparently your parents didn't use them correctly either.


I might go get some sort of Linux and put that on usb or cd, just to be safe, lol.