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Newsletter: Update

Started by Bigguy, Sep 29, 2018, 02:18 pm

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OK, so a short newsletter for now just to let all know that I am back around and that the site has been updated to the latest build on GH. Most mods are re-installed and all that is left is two mods to be installed and all the customization work. I will get that done soon.....I bet you thought the site was dead, lol. Not on your life. We will be kickin for a bit longer so pop around and see what is going on.

The Whats Ur Beef Team.


Oh! so you didn't die and go the Heaven then?


Lol, not yet. I'm still kickin. God don't want me and the devil is to afraid I will take over. ;)


Haven't heard that in a long time! LOL